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We welcome our newest collection of baths and basins that are constructed from a Solid Surface, Acrylic and or Carrara finish.

The symmetrical egg bath that is a classic in any bathroom can come in a Matte White or a Gloss white. Weather you do a French Provincial Interior or a Luxe Interior.

Imagine yourself in a bathroom with Matte Black or Rose Gold tapware, The Amalfi Bath is a great combination with either colour choice tapware to be the feature of your new bathroom. Also available in the Solid White.

The two Carrara basins are a great feature for a modern bathroom with a white vanity, having a timber or a shade of grey benchtop. Welcome the spotlight of the bathroom.

Brooklyn….Brooklyn…. Brooklyn… our favourite bath we have! Imagine having a full length window and staring into the city of New York in your Brooklyn bath, sipping a glass of wine with chocolate dipped strawberries with no worries… Lovely!

Last but not least the bath you have all been waiting for… The Montauk Free Standing bath, a village in the east of New York known for its beaches. Being inspired by a Hampton style interior for your home.. Need a feature piece.. I think so. The Montauk bath is going to be the bath that everyone will be speaking about.

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