A day of Screen Installation

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Curious to see how we install shower screens… Welcome to a day in the life of  our installation team. We install all types of shower screens on a daily basis no matter how big or small the project may be.

We decided to take a visit to one of the sites to see the installation process of how we install shower screens and mirrors step by step. The bigger the shower panel the better, however there are a couple of situations we need to also think about…

With a shower panel being as wide as we can get it the better it will benefit you! This is because it is less likely for water to be spraying out into the rest of the bathroom area. However we also need to take into consideration on how we will get the panel into the bathroom. Before we go through producing the screen we always come out for a site measure to inspect the area that we have to work with and give you options that will work best for your area.

As we see in the below video the shower screen and mirror that was installed was done through a tight space with two of our team members to install.

In the end the finished project was completed with another satisfied customer.
Thanks Team

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